Spring 2016 inspiration, designing and Magic tradeshow!

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I am currently stuck in designing Summer 2016, which will be showing at LA market in October, and shipping Fall 2015. So, it's a good time to show the inspiration and tradeshow images for Spring 2016!

It started out as a French cafe' theme, but ended up being more of a Ballard Marine themed photoshoot. It all works together within the vintage inspired look of the line.

Inspiration board:

Fabric selection:




My workstation:


Our photoshoot with the wonderful Olivia Bidleman at Ballard's Shilshole marina and Golden Gardens park:


Then it was off to Magic in Vegas! The booth:

Me and Anna Banana of Pretty Parlor (Seattle, Capitol Hill) posing in the booth!

The display wall:

The Vegas view:


Spring 2016 will start shipping in January 2016! Now onto Summer!!

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